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We are one of the best for window cleaning Oakville! Your beautiful city, gorgeous homes and businesses all deserve a window cleaning company that reflects your same expectations.

Gorrgeous Window Cleaning is becoming well know for Oakville window cleaning simple because we know what it takes to make both your windows and yourself smile. That’s right, we want to put smiles on you both!



Competitors come and go but we’ve become a staple simply because we stick to doing what we do best. Making your life easy.


We have never come in to a situation where an insurance issue occured, but for those who like safety, we bring it.


Many years of washing windows has made us highly effective at our craft. Now you can reap the benefits!


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Window cleaning in Oakville has been nothing but a pleasure for us. We have great experiences with the customers we’ve been thankful to clean windows for. We make a point of trying to brighten the day of everyone we interact with, because that’s what our job is ultimately about.

Throughout the years of meeting various customers in Oakville we’ve learned that both our residential and commercial cleanings are a hit! Take us at our word when we say that we want to provide the best window cleaning in Oakville possible. If you want to challenge us in this, we welcome it!

The standard which many require for Oakville window cleaning is one which we meet – time and time again. But not only this, we look to excel the service that we bring so that others will know we’re in this primarily to help others by taking away some stress and converting it into a smile.


While it’s true that there’s a few window cleaners in Oakville we know why most of them usually close up business after a few years. Simply because they are not committed to the long run, which is seen in their job performance.

Gorrgeous Window Cleaning is familiar with the Oakville window cleaners because we’ve been in the neighborhood for awhile now. The expectations that locals have might seem trivial to some of these companies but not to us, we know its about creating a great experience while at the same time providing incredible results to your home or businsess.

Each residence or business we service is one which we want the owner to know that we highly appeciate them choosing us. We believe that kindness goes a long way and that businesses are built on respect and trust. This is where communication plays a big part and one which we are more than happy to engage in.

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A quick drive through Oakville leaves a lasting impression. The detail of the buildings in the area means that a lot of care and consideration went into their designs, and this is without looking at the landscaping of both residences and buildings.

This first impression that Oakville makes on those just passing by is what we look to do every day – produce an impression that’s hard to shake. We know that other companies are in the area, but we believe we know how to produce an impression by the quality of our craft and integrity as people.

Let’s freshen up your exterior and interior windows and allow that sun an unobstructed way to come into your space. It will put a smile on your face knowing that all the gunk and dirt which has accumulated is gone.

Consider us for a free quote, it will only take a moment and you will have a better idea as to how what we do can fit into your budget.



Window cleaning Bronte is done best by us!

We know that you’re a part of Oakville, but being closer to the water means that you may also receive a bit more wind around your homes and businesses which may end up making them a bit more grimey!

You’ve paid good money for your windows so they should be treated as such. They need the best care that can be provided and we are just the company that understands this.

You can get a free quote which doesn’t include any obligation, so ask for one!


There’s nothing like a fresh window cleaning Glen Abbey! We provide high quality service so your home or business can feel fresh once we’re done.

We know what it takes to put smiles on the faces of our customers that we are serving by window cleaning in Glen Abbey. Getting to know locals in the area has provided us with an understanding of what the standard you expect and then we only look to exceed them.

Glen Abbey is home to a lot of beautiful properties which means that they’ve been kept up by people who are hard working. Knowing that those who own these properties put the time and care into their homes and businesses means that we also need to provide the same in our service.

You can get a free quote which doesn’t include any obligation, so ask for one!

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