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Tired of the chore of window cleaning Hamilton?  Residences need to be a place where you can relax, stress free, and feels fresh.  Commercial businesses also need that freshness for both staff and customer experience.

Let Gorrgeous Window Cleaning make the most out of your residence or commercial property by properly cleaning your windows in a way that immediately refreshes your space.  Just get a free quote!  It only takes a second.



We are familiar with the local going rates and assure you we don’t over or under price like some do and then cut corners.


We have collected our many years of experience by serving both our residential and commercial cleaning clients.


We’ve never needed it but it’s a definite comfort to our clients and our aim is to make the experience a wonderful one.


Window cleaning in Hamilton
Clean and clear windows give a refreshing feeling to a home. Gorrgeous Window Cleaning wants to make sure that you can experience and enjoy this freshness by choosing our qualified and skilled staff.

We want to make your home smile by making your windows sparkle. Both interior and exterior cleaning is done efficiently so we minimize the amount of time that we’re in your space.

Often most people want their windows cleaned during the early spring and fall months. We offer one-time cleanings or if you would prefer a “set it and forget it” method, we offer scheduling so that you can know for sure that you will receive cleanings in both seasons. If you would prefer maintenance done at set times and dates we also can accommodate this.

Before we come we want to reassure you that we do not need you to move any of your household items as we can do this and then return the items to their spot. Again, we provide a high quality service which also includes minimizing our footprint on your property. We know that you’re busy and we want to help free up your time so you can get back to doing what you need to, in the comfort of a refreshed home.


One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard from our customers from their experiences from past cleaners not taking enough time. We want to reassure you that we know a thorough job takes time and undivided attention.

Often the old fashioned ways of washing windows leaves streaks and film from cleaners on the class which is why a hand-held squeegee with an applicator is needed. We have developed the skills to ensure that using our tool your windows will not have either issues. Also the old fashioned way often leads to misjudging the amount of cleaner to parts water which leads to the film. We carefully measure all of our solution to the perfect ratio so that you are left with the best results possible.

Commercial window cleaning


Having lived in Hamilton for many years and having met many people from various walks of life we know that people appreciate a service that stands out.

That stand out service people expect for window cleaning in Hamilton is what we provide. We know that everyone only has so much time in the day or may have tried a window cleaning company in the past but may have had a bad experience.

If you’re one of these people we want to correct the mistakes that other window cleaning companies have made in the past and show you why others choose us.



Window cleaning in Ancaster is possible due to it being a neighborhood of Hamilton, Ontario.

We will gladly provide you with window cleaning in either residential or commercial services.  We want you to know that your expectations are something that we strive to meet, and then exceed.

Ancaster window cleaning are offered a one-time cleaning, but do encourage you to consider our annual maintenance program.  Generally, after initial bookings we are requested to come back which means that keeping in mind booking dates would be beneficial.

Choose Gorrgeous Window Cleaning for window cleaning Ancaster!


Binbrook is an upcoming spot just outside of Hamilton which means that those moving in to the area expect the same quality of service they would get within the city. Don’t worry we know window cleaning Binbrook!

Just because you are located outside of the city doesn’t meant you should settle for less. Others have been coming to see that window cleaning in Binbrook is done best by us, simply because we know that great results only come from hard work.

Binbrook is home to a lot of beautiful properties which means that they’ve been kept up by people who are hard working. Knowing that those who own these properties put the time and care into their homes and businesses means that we also need to provide the same in our service.


You will absolutely love our window cleaning Dundas! We love clearing away streaks and dirt as reflects on the mood of our clients.

Dundas boasts a very small but beautiful residences and commercial buildings which capture the allure of passerby’s. What also captures the allure of those living or working in Dundas is not having to look out of a dirty window!

Our residential and commercial services are well know in the area as we have established ourselves as one of the top professionals for window cleaning in Dundas.

Look no further for a window cleaning solution, you’ve found us!


Flamborough window cleaning is broken up by the smaller communities which comprise the district.

From Carlisle, Copetown, Greensville, Lynden, Millgrove, Sheffield and the smaller communities, we provide both commercial and residential window cleaning as you would need.

We appreciate all of you who look us up because we have a place in our heart for small tight-knit communities. Often many of these properties are large and have other structures on them such as barns which may be in need of cleaning

Trust Gorrgeous Window Cleaning for your window cleaning Flamborough!


Grimsby is actually known as a part of Hamilton believe it or not. This area is generally known as wine country to most of the locals due to the large orchards.

While window cleaning in Grimsby isn’t on a lot of people’s minds, it is on ours. We know that Grimsby is a great town and the services in the area are getting better and with that we’re pleased to join the ranks of those who want to contribute.

If you’re in need of commerical or residential window cleaning, we service both interior and exterior windows making us a one stop shop.

Book a free quote and you’ll be pleased with our assessment and budget considerations you have!


Requests for window cleaning in Mount Hope is becoming more common due to the community expanding!

For those who know the community well you will see a lot of new residential and commercial builds taking place, which means that the need for window cleaning is only growing. This is a need that we’re prepared for.

If you are one of the long term residents in this area please let us know, we understand that that the impact of all the change might not be welcomed. We would want to show our respect to you by minimizing our footprint while we’re on your property, but still performing and excellent service.

Send us a call or an email above for a free quote!


Window cleaning Waterdown is a term which we continue to see due to the expanding subdivisions and commercial business development.

We understand that you picked your location for a reason and that means you expect service that is equal to your taste. Throughout our years of residential cleaning in neighborhoods we understand the expectations of the locals and our goal is always to exceed them.

While the area is developing this means that more businesses are opening up shop and are looking for experienced and trustworthy window cleaners. You will be pleased to know that we have been establishing ourselves in the Waterdown window cleaning space for many years now. You can rest assure that other businesses know our staff as those with integrity while performing a professional window cleaning service.

So let’s being making your windows looking great by getting a free quote!


We know that you need window cleaning Winona! Our services are perfect for your homes or businesses as we are hard working, just like yourselves.

The area is only growing and with it comes a lot of beautification taking place. We would love to show you how we can contribute to that just by refreshing your windows which will immediately change how your space feels.  No more gunk, dirty, or streaks left on your windows will immediately bring with it feelings that you can relax.

We have been establishing ourselves for Winona window cleaning and those who have been our early customers have only been pleased with the service we’ve provided.

Take advantage of our free quote, we encourage you to!

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