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We do exceptional window cleaning Burlington! We know that you are busy and want to enjoy your space. Dirty windows will take away that enjoyment and remind you of a chore to do – but no more!

Gorrgeous Window Cleaning is one of the best window cleaners for your area simply becuase we know what you expect and we know how to deliver those results. Our goal is to make you smile with a job well done!



Exceeding expectations is what we strive for, because we know thats any service should do.


Keep yourself comfortable and stress free knowing that we are fully insured even though we’ve never needed it.


With over 20 years experience cleaning windows, we know how to make those windows crystal clear!


Home window cleaning
Burlington window cleaning is found in both residential and commercial settings. There reasons for windows to be cleaned can depend on if it’s for a homeowner, their guests, a business owner, or a customer inside a business depend who is critiquing their experience.

Homes are supposed to be a place of relaxation. We know that while window cleaning is a service that we offer, we know its more about the people. That means each and every customer that we meet we treat with the dignity they deserve. We just want to make their day a little bit brighter – by bringing in the sun through the windows!

Getting to know our customers has taught us a lot about the expectations that each of them has. We’ve used this experience to provide a standard as to what we know others will expect, but what we love to do is go passed that. We love making sure that everyone irregardless of it being their home or business is highly satisfied with the job that we do.


With the wide range of businesses around the area, citizens of Burlington know that quality doesn’t always come with a big branded name.

Gorrgeous Window Cleaning knows what our competitors offer and why many of our recurring customers left heir previous window cleaners. It’s simply because the job being done poorly or the communication being awful.

You will be pleased to know that we have been able to capitalize on all our competitors hang ups and slowly more and more people are coming to find that window cleaning in Burlington is done best by us. Simply ask for a free quote and you will find that our pleasant demeanor doesn’t just stop at the handshake, it doesn’t end, because at the day – we serve people, and we enjoy the people we meet.

Commercial window cleaning


Burlington is a beautiful city in the Greater Toronto Area which has formed a considerable reputation among the locals. A taste of pride in their greater environment is only but a refection of how the citizens view their homes and properties.

Windows cleaning in Burlington is required to be one which is done with skill and precision. Often this is the most well known request and one which we are highly capable of meeting. This is the difference which we have compared to the competition which we have been informed past customers of theirs as lacking. We are more than happy to show citizens of window cleaning in Burlington is done.

You have nothing to lose with receiving a free quote for the windows of home or business. So even if you have a current window cleaning company, it’s always good to see what else is out there and if they can meet your needs best. Trust us, we know how to properly clean your windows and keep a smile one your face.



For those who have asked, yes we do window cleaning Aldershot!

We have been through Aldershot before and reassure you that we know what the standard expectations are for window cleaning in Aldershot. Much like the surrounding area that we service we always strive to put a smile on your face when we show up.

By offering both residential and commercial interior and exterior window cleaning you can rest knowing we value your trust being on your property.

Request a free quote, you have nothing to lose but only more to gain.

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