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We want to get window cleaning Brantford! Once winter ends and spring hits, give your house or business a fresh feeling by having us provide top quality window cleaning.

Gorrgeous Window Cleaning has been providing exceptional service for almost a decade and is now in your area. We know what it takes to minimize our footprint while in your space without any hassle!



Almost a decade of experience in commercial services and two decades of residential. We know how to clean.


Put your stress to rest as we are insured to ease any concerns that you may have. Our goal is to make this simple.


We seek to go beyond just the standard which other companies provide and always aim to exceed your expectations.


Exterior windows
Brantford has been a hard working city since it’s conception. We share this similarity with the residents of the city because we pride ourselves on being able to provide the best window cleaning in Brantford.

A home is a special place where you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. We understand that coming on to your property is a measure of trust that you have granted us which we do not take lightly. Our goal is to show you that not only do we appreciate your invitiation to your property we want to build that into our work so that you can also know we appreciate you as a customer.

Window cleaning in Brantford may not sound glamorous, but it is a job that we know that we excel at. This is due to our hard working go-getting nature which most people appreciate because it requires a person of many skills, including people skills. This is where we believe we have an advantage on our competition, because communication is what makes this relationship work best.


Locally owned and operated businesses generally seek to make the biggest impression on their fellow citizens.

We are no different in that we want to make a lasting impression on you so when the next season comes, you will remember us. Providing respect, dignity, and keeping ourselves held with integrity is a surefire way to convince even the most skeptical of people that we truly are looking at your business as something we greatly appreciate.

We have the tools for the trade ready to go and the skills to use them in a way that will impress. All of the tools we use are specifically meant for window cleaning so you can know that these have been used on multiple places before hitting your window.

Interior Windows


Brantford is an area that we view like many Canadians as a place that’s close to home for us simply because of our national sport’s hero.

Our goal may not be so adventageous as to become the greatest at such a sport, but rather we share in that same desire to be a step above the rest. We have been informed by some of our past customers that they’ve been so pleased with our work simply because compared to the last service they hired, we were a step above. Our aim is to keep it that way.

Let’s make the most out of your window cleaning Brantford! Have us come by and give you a free quote so you can know what to expect! You have nothing to lose.



Window cleaning in Saint George is a privilege of ours to do.

We know this little corner of Ontario to be a great place for those who want a more laid back lifestyle but who are downright pleasant.

If you are looking for either home or business window cleaning you have found the right company. Let us take a quick look at what you need and we will provide you with competitive pricing.


For window cleaning Brancton we are pleased to provide service to your lovely community.

While long overlooked, the community has struggled to find quality services that would be willing to come and provide their skills.

Our annual maintenance program would work well for those are in the area as we can ensure that with each change of season or on a schedule that suits your needs best, we will be there to provide high quality window cleaning.

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