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Eavestrough cleaning Hamilton is a chore that no one prefers.  The gunk which builds up from tree debris, leaves, and even animals is a job most people can do without – but not us!  We actually enjoy the work we do, simply because we know it makes someone elses day more pleasant.

Gorrgeous Window Cleaning do many odd jobs and one of them which is also at the core of what we do is eavestrough cleaning.  Both windows and eavestoughes tend to get neglected, and we’re here to fix that.



While there are many eavestrough cleaning companies not all of them are equal. We know the rates and we know how to please.


Experience is a factor in everything, it separates those who know how to do from those who just do and hope that the job is good enough..


Believe it or not we are insured to clean eavestroughs because unfortunate things do happen. We’ve never had to use it though.


Eavestrough Cleaning
If you are like the majority of people in the area you do not have eavestrough guards which prevent them from filling up and needing to be cleaned. This doesn’t mean if you do have them that you’re off the hook either, all eavestroughes regardless of the measures put in place to stop debris from entering them, still do manage to get in and need to be cleaned.

Hamilton is a unique area for eavestrough cleaning because some older neighborhoods have very mature trees, which means that the tree is high enough to have leaves fall into the eavestrough. Some newer neighborhoods still need to have their eavestroughs cleaned simply because of some neighboring fields or parks may have the wind carry dead foliage into them.

Let us clean your eavestroughes so you can be sure that the next time a storm shows up, you don’t need to be concerned about any blockages. Cleaning your eavestrough at the beginning and end of the seasons should be enough maintenance to keep them functioning as they should.


Eavestrough cleaning services can be fly by night in the sense that you will see ads for eavesrough cleaners on Kijiji but they are not actually registered businesses. This could be fine if you trust the person to do a good job, but having a business is much safer.

Generally eavestrough cleaning businesses will want recurring customers, meaning that they are wanting to schedule the work, complete it well, and hopefully provide you with a good experience. Many people in Hamilton have been starting to use Gorrgeous Window Cleaning not only for their windows but their eavestroughes too simply because we’re trustworthy and do a great job. Get in contact with us for your own free quote and see why others are choosing us.

Gutter Guard


Our home base is in Hamilton so naturally we have serviced many residents and commercial businesses in the city.

We know that eavestrough cleaning in Hamilton is something that they want done extremely well. We have the tools for the job and appreciate that our customers choose a small local business like us.

With all of that said you can see from our reviews that we actually care about what we’re doing, we actively produce great results. That’s what everyone expects when hiring someone, and putting smiles on all our customers faces knowing they don’t need to worry about another chore is meaningful to us.



Eavestrough cleaning in Ancaster is a usual occurrence for us as many houses require ladder access and someone who isn’t afraid of heights.

Our staff know exactly how to conduct ourselves safely while on your property cleaning all the areas required, even taking pictures to show you what we’ve been able to accomplish.

You will be pleased with our service and the enjoyment we get seeing a smile on your face knowing you won’t have to bother doing another chore.

Choose us for eavestrough cleaning Ancaster!


Binbrook is a very unique spot at the moment with all the development occurring in the area!

This area is mixed with some very beautiful older properties with a growing modern touch to the community. Both of these areas require a certain type of care in order to access some of the more difficult spots where debris enters. We know exactly how to remove any of this debris and if you are interested we could provide some recommendations to reduce it’s build up.

Contact us to get a highly competitive quote!


Eavestrough cleaning in Dundas, yes we service the area and love how we can contribute to the beautification of your property and overall, your town.

As a resident you will know that the trees which are in the area are some of the oldest in Hamilton, which means that they are often quite high and sometimes produce quite a mess at the end of the season. We can help you remove any debris that has entered your eavestrough.

Cleaning eavestroughs is never an enjoyable experience for a home or business owner, so leave this up to us, we actually do enjoy it!

Look no further for a eavestrough cleaner, you’ve found us!


Eavestrough cleaning in Flamborough is something that we do often for businesses and home owners.

From Carlisle, Lynden, Greensville, Copetown, Sheffield, Millgrove, and other smaller communities, uor commercial and residential eavestrough cleaning is all you would need.

Some other eavestrough cleaning services prefer only to stay in the city where we understand that needs of those who are outside of the city as well. If you are having difficulty acquiring an eavestrough cleaner in your area, we want to remind you that you’re not alone.

We love Flamborough and enjoy coming out to help, so please send us an email and see for yourself!


Eavestrough cleaning in Grimsby what we offer as well.

Cleaning eavestroughs is a thankless chore for most people, which is why we enjoy doing the work which you don’t want to do. We know that your home is your castle, and you’ve worked all week and would like to rest, so leave the eavestrough cleaning to us!

Also, if you’re looking for eavestrough cleaning for your Grimsby business we have no problem providing you a quote, which is highly competitive.

Book with us now to receive a free quote!


Eavestrough cleaning in Mount Hope is another location we service!

We are happy to inform you that we will make a trip to Mount Hope to clean your eavestroughs, no problem! We enjoy getting out of the city and providing quality service to those who often are told a service doesn’t travel that far.

Free quotes are provided for all eavestrough cleaning jobs that you may have..

All you need to do is request a free quote!


Eavestrough cleaning in Waterdown is becoming a reoccurring location for us lately!

We love Waterdown and the area, it’s quite beautiful with the sharp contrast of century old properties with very new developments.

Our eavestrough cleaning services can be coupled with any of our other services if you are in need. Please just let us know prior to us coming what you would like done so all equipment can be brought with us.


Eavestrough cleaning Winona should be a seasonal thing for most people simply because the longevity of your eavestroughes go further when properly maintained.

Yes our goal is to ensure that your eavestroughes durability extends longer than usual by providing a thorough cleaning allowing any junk to be removed and for your home or business to minimize any water damage.

We have seen many neglected eavestroughes which sometimes have confused people as to why a section of their home dispels water properly. Often without checking people will mistake the problem, thinking they need to replace a section, however this isn’t always the best solution.

Take advantage of our experience by getting a free quote and see how we can prevent any eavestrough issues!

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